We have three mailing services you can choose from.
1.) Our Coop Mailer which is mailed to 10,000+ residents and businesses per mailing zone.

direct mail plus back zone 46fdirect mail plus back zone 46

2.) A Custom Postcard Mailer where your company’s ad is on the postcard. We design it! Print it! Mail It!
We provide the following size postcards to our customers.

A.) Size 5×7 inch postcard
B.) Size 5.5 x 8.5 inch postcard
C.) Size 4.25 x 12 inch postcard
D.) Size 6.5 x 11 or 6.5 x12 postcard for the same price

3.) The EDDM Program- Every Door Direct Mailing, click on the link for more details on this program.

Each Mailing Service is provided with a postal receipt after each mailing. The postcard on our website are actual postcards that we have designed and mailed for our customers.